Making your website SEO-ready using industry best practices and new technology

Your website may be beautiful, engaging and informative but you might be missing some key items such as Schema code markup for SEO, duplicate content, orphaned content, missing meta values, redirect errors, 404 pages and configuring Yoast SEO plugin.

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SEO Schema Markup

We custom code the required markup to give google more descriptions about your company and its products. With markup we can help you make FAQ and your listings standout with images and carousels and so much more.

Speed for SEO

We optimize all your content including images/video, code, and database for the best speed possible. We use both server and browser caching to make your website blazing fast.

SEO Site Optimization

Optimizing your website for speed, security and make your site smaller so it’s less to download while retaining quality(compression). For more details read our Site Optimization Service.

Feel confident knowing your website is fully SEO optimized and working beautifully.

Make Your Search Results Stand Out by Optimizing it for SEO

Search Engines are getting smarter and but we still have to tell them what to do

Give search engines like Google the context of your website. We add code to your website that helps search engines understand your content and business. We also take advantage of “rich snippets” that highlight your search results such as review stars and/or images.


HTML pages are structured using heading and paragraph tags but most websites use them the wrong way

We help you restructure your web pages to provide a logical structure that both your site visitors and search engines can understand. One of the key ideas is to be able to scan the headers of a page and know what the page is about. As well as being able to jump to the information the user is searching for.

How to get started with Website SEO Optimization from SmoothWebLife

To start the process of getting your website SEO optimized, book a chat session with us to discuss your website optimization needs.
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Keith Hearn

I was honestly surprised by how fast Ryan was able to optimize my site and the difference it made! What helped, even more, was his availability. Every time I sent an email, I got a quick reply. It’s hard to find good talent so I’m glad I found Ryan!

Keith Hearn, Finepoint Design