Toronto’s Premium Web Design & Development Experts

We have been developing websites here in Toronto, Ontario since 1996.

Our background is in Multimedia Design & Technical Production. That means we create compelling websites that are engaging and entertaining. We use professional video, photography, 3D and Motion-Graphics to bring your website to life. Then we present on social media, television and print.

First, we learn and understand your business then we design a strategy to help you promote your products and services.

We work with businesses and government creating multimedia content that attract attention while remaining simple and easy to use.

All our websites are backed by our Reliable Technical Support Services which keeps your website running fast and working the way it was designed to.

WordPress Website Design

We use WordPress and a premium design template as a base to create your website. We customize your website to look and feel like your brand and message. This means you have the option to transform this site into a multimedia website and customize it.

Multimedia Website Design

Similar to WordPress with the addition of production video, infographics, and motion graphics animation.
We use multimedia content to tell your story in a way that builds trust, loyalty and sales.

Custom Website Design

Custom websites are built from the ground up with or without WordPress. This kind of website is for companies that need absolute control over design, features and speed. Therefore, you require a custom design that is unique, fresh and functions according to your company-specific needs.

We Build Engaging & Entertaining website design’s that are simple and work!


Responsive Web Design

We design your website to work on all devices and browsers. Then, we do rigorous testing on multiple devices and platforms to ensure your website shows up every time. In the end, we have over 20 years of coding websites that just work!


The best stories are lived while being shared

First, we take you on a process of inner discovery to uncover your story. Secondly, we take your story and transform it into a website that is simple to understand. Finally, we tell your story using video, photography, graphics and animation.

We are storytellers, let us tell your story!

Why choose SmoothWebLife for your next Website Development Project?

SmoothWebLife provides you with exceptional after project services such as maintenance, and updates. We build long last websites because we build a long-lasting relationship with you, our clients. It doesn’t make sense to make something ‘shitty’ for someone that you plan on having around, right?

Our plan is to have a relationship where our support skills and expert advice are invaluable to your business. In conclusion, we are a partner that puts in the effort, patience and focus to provide solutions that work.

Councillor Josh Matlow City of Toronto

My office worked with SmoothWebLife for several months to develop a website for my constituents that was well organized, visually appealing and most importantly, easy to navigate. Accompanied with Ryan’s passion for web design, his professionalism, experience and expertise certainly made the process simple and enjoyable. While Ryan was developing my site, he frequently checked-in with my team and I on the status of the site, any changes he recommended and roadblocks he came across. The support that he offered throughout the entire process was reassuring and made my team and I feel at ease. I would highly recommend SmoothWebLife and thank you Ryan for all your work!

Councillor Josh Matlow, City of Toronto

Hila Bar On-Weis | Website Design Toronto | WordPress Web Development, Design and Technical Support by SmoothWebLife Inc

We have worked with Ryan for about 3 years and in that time he has produced impeccable designs in print, web design and animation. He is always willing to handle any project and is able to complete projects on time and within budget.

Hila Bar-On Weiss, VenueVision Corporation