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Your website may be beautiful, engaging and informative but you might be missing some key items. These key items include caching, image and code compression for speed, premium plugins for security and Schema code markup for SEO.

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Feel confident knowing your website is fully optimized and working beautifully.


Site Experience Matters

Most users will consider a website slow if the pages do not load within 3 seconds. We work hard to ensure that your website meets the “3 seconds” or less loading time.


It’s better to prevent hacks and malware than trying to recover from one.

We install a firewall to block hackers, a scanner to make sure we find errors and potential hacks, country blocking and much more. Similar to Anti-Virus for your computer but for your website. We will set it all up and configure with industry standard practices that will keep your website safe.

How to get started with Website Optimization from SmoothWebLife

To optimize your website, book a chat session with us to discuss your website optimization needs.
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Keith Hearn

I was honestly surprised how fast Ryan was able to optimize my site and the difference it made! What helped, even more, was his availability. Every time I sent an email, I got a quick reply. It’s hard to find good talent so I’m glad I found Ryan!

Keith Hearn, Finepoint Design