Web Design. Market your business online.

When it comes to developing your website we will lead you all the way regardless if you have website experience or this is your first website. We are SmoothWebLife.

Are looking to marketing yourself online or provide a simple web presence to interested clientele? Or do you have something else in mind?

Web Design and Development from SmoothWebLife Inc.
Web Development SmoothWebLife Inc

Line of Business Web Applications. Manage your business online

The main purpose of Line of Business Web Applications is to automate existing processes like taking an online order, registration, structured communication and management.

Your business may have a service or a way of doing things internally that can be replicated online. Doing this will increase your productivity, sustainability and profitability.

Let’s have a discussion and we can pinpoint areas in your business that can be automated online.

Web Technical Support. Get technical support when you need it most.

Technology works perfectly all the time…LOL call us when it doesn’t.

It would be nice if technology works the same all the time but unfortunately it doesn’t. This is true even for the most sophisticated systems; sometimes more so. Contact us and we’ll get things moving again.

Technical Support by SmoothWebLife Inc in Toronto
Motion Graphics Commercials by SmoothWebLife Inc

Motion Graphics + Graphic Design. Entertain and inform your website visitors and encourage trust that leads to sales.

Are you planning on doing social media advertising and adding an infomercial on your website?

With over 10 years of motion-graphics development, we are able to help you tell your story in an entertaining and informative way. This can be used for online advertising such as a YouTube or TV commercial or to give detailed instructions on how to use your products and services. The possibilities are endless.

Site Optimization. Get your website running the way you want It to.

Is your website moving slowly or just not as fast as it once was?

With almost 25 years experience developing websites, we can help you optimize your website to run faster. We do this by various means such as optimizing code, images and video while retaining quality.

We also make suggestion and best practices to keep your website running the way it’s meant to… Fast!

Site Optimization and Technical SEO by SmoothWebLife Inc

HTML Email and Signatures. Personalize your client communication with branding from your business.

Increase your brand awareness and professionalism with an HTML signature.

Email is most likely your number one form of client communication. If this is true then having a branded email is not only professional but promotes trust and recognition.

Stand out from the crowd with an HTML email signature or complete email marketing using services such as MailChimp.

HTML Emails and Signatures by SmoothWebLife Inc
Site Optimization and Technical SEO by SmoothWebLife Inc

Website Technical SEO. Give your pages the best chance to rank by optimizing for SEO

Do you feel like your pages should rank better?

With over 10 years of technical SEO, we are able to help you rank your pages better by implementing all the best practices. This includes Schema markup, improve document structure, meta tags, alt tags and many more practices that ensure your pages rank.

Api Integration by SmoothWebLife Inc

API Integration. Connect Your Website To Your CRM and other services like Amazon or Google.

Do you require connecting your contact form to your CRM such as HubSpot or Freshsales or the many others on the market? Or maybe you want to included services from Google or Amazon. Whatever your needs are we can handle it.

API are ways for a service to expose their data for you to use on your website. Ever wondered how other site owners load Instagram images on their website – possibly by a plugin? That plugin is using Instagrams API to find your profile and load your images.

We can load any data from any service or have your website send vital information to your desired service and have it work seamlessly.

Digital Signage Solutions. Entertain and Inform your store or office visitors and encourage trust that leads to sales.

Do you want more automated interactions with your store of facility visitor? Do you want to display deals, news and appointment schedules on a television mounted in your place of business to serve your customers?

We integrate content from your blog, social media such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter and directly uploaded content to display to your customers.

These screen setups are primarily used to either advertise your products, services and information or automate repetitive task such as displaying schedules.

Digital Signage by SmoothWebLifeTV