Review by Radonic Plus Marketing

Edward Radonic, Radonic Plus Marketing

After 30 years in marketing and web development, I have finally found an awesome web developer you can count on. A true crafts man, that meets deadlines, budgets and quality work you can count on!

Edward Radonic, Partner Managing Director

Entrepreneur, Marketer, Strategist, Travel & Tourism expert and most of all, passionate cheerleader for our client’s success!

As a marketing practitioner for over 23 years, and co-founder of RadonicRodgers in 1997, Edward has earned accolades attributed to his entrepreneurship, founded 6 firms, navigated multiple mergers, acquisitions and sales of firms. He continues to be instrumental in RadonicRodgers’ success. He lends his keen marketing sense to help RadonicRodgers’ clients succeed. Ed is focused on addressing client’s marketing challenges by developing new strategies to combat them. Ed is marketing leader for marketing programs and campaigns for various travel sectors such as Tourism Boards, Destinations, Attractions, Hotels & Resorts, Tour Operators, Travel Agents and Airlines.