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Yvonne Pine, Hair Illusions

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Yvonne, owner of HAIR ILLUSIONS is an award-winning artist who operates two locations to serve your transformation needs better in Toronto as well as in Bradford.

Yvonne is a medical aesthetician who was formally trained at a private college in the Toronto area.  With her extensive art background using many mediums from oil, wood, and stained glass she has a keen eye for detail and is very meticulous.  Many refer to her as being a perfectionist but in this nature of work, it is a great quality to possess.  Some of her clients have accused her of “creating miracles”.   Whiling continuing to show her commitment, skill and artistic abilities, Yvonne was the WORLDWIDE recipient of the 2017 and 2018 BEST ARTIST AWARD from the largest micro-pigmentation company in the world. Yvonne continues to travel the globe to upgrade her skills as well as share her knowledge and passion with others by teaching them how to perfect the art of micro-pigmentation as well as other permanent make-up techniques.

Hair Illusions offers FREE no-obligation consultations, 7 days a week,  at both locations.

Yvonne from Hair Illusions believes self-confidence is something NO one should be without especially when virtually pain-free treatments are at your fingertips.