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ZAG Estimating Inc

ZAG Estimating Inc’s new websites help them promote their products and services to prospective clients. They also needed the ability for customers to upload drawings and images to get a quote for work.

The Project Request

ZAG Estimating Inc, requested a website that can help them land new clients, capture RFQ, and is easily updated. Each quote requires the customer to submit drawings or images and provide additional information.

The Project Solution

We suggested a website with custom forms built on a WordPress backend for easy updating. The custom form will allow visitors to upload jpg, png, and gif formats as well as a series of questions to help provide a quote.

The Project Result

The result was a beautifully designed website that helped ZAG Estimating Inc gather info to provide quotes. Visitors can learn about ZAG and gain new insights from their blog.

The Project Conclusion

They were able to use their website to gather more quotes and showcase their services. The website is an important part of their sales process that we were happy to provide.

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