Technical Support by SmoothWebLife Inc in Toronto

Technical Support for Hair Illusions Website

Hair Illusions has been working with us for many years and rely on hon our technical support services. From website updates to training sessions.

The Project Request

Yvonne from Hair Illusions needed someone that could support her in an ongoing basis. Support services ranging from API integration with social media platforms and Google Reviews to website software updates/maintenance.

The Project Solution

A monthly service that dedicates a set amount of time for phone calls, training and any technical support requests.

The Project Result

As a result, Yvonne has support just a phone call or email away. If somethings going wrong with the site, more times than not she’s the last one to know. We constantly monitor her website for up time and if there is an error we will know about it almost instantly.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, Hair Illusions has a peace of mind knowing that all her website technical needs are handled. We are there for emergencies and to keep her website optimized and working.

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This project is for Hair Illusions who specializes in the health and beauty industry providing scalp micropigentation.

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