Project Description

Visit Tatiana Esthetics WordPress Website by Ryan Williams


Tatiana Esthetics is in the heart of Lakeshore Village in Toronto. They provide aesthetic services including anti-ageing, microdermabrasion and cellulite reduction. Tatiana required a new modern website that would work on all devices and be easily updatable to keep up with her ever-expanding services.

Benefits and Purpose of a website redesign

The main purpose of Tatiana getting a new website was to allow her customer to view her website on all mobile devices. Ensuring that all visitors have an optimized experience on her website and click on her “Book Now” button ensuring her sales. As well, Tatiana wants to be able to update her services as she designs them. A new WordPress website will do just that.

Ideas to increase sales in retail

The main idea behind the website is to lead her customers to her booking portal. We do that by careful placement and bringing up the idea within the written text. At the end of the day, sales are what is important and not just showing off a pretty site.

WordPress Web Development for Esthetician

The technical details of the project consisted of:

Photo editing with Photoshop and Illustrator

Headers and background images were created using the primary color scheme of green and orange in Photoshop.

Copywriting, editing, HTML5 outlining and reorganizing

Long paragraphs were chopped down to bite-size chunks for visitors to quickly understand. The body copy was also organized using HTML5 outline principals so search engines can easily understand what your website is about.

Color scheme

Color scheme was chosen based on a sampling of the colours in Tatiana Esthetics logo. This is the base of her branding and should be used in all communications.

Booking Setup

Although the booking software was already set up the configuration need some improvements to allow a customer to have a quicker booking experience without any errors or complications.

Google Maps

Google map of Tatiana Esthetics location was embedded on her website and was customized to match the color scheme of the website.

Page Speed and Caching

All websites regardless of features and complexity require some level of optimization to give the fastest and best experience possible. This includes configuring WordPress, themes, plugins and website hosting for the best possible results.

Contact Form

A custom designed contact form was placed on the website to capture new and potential customers. The contact form also includes a reCAPTCHA form to prevent annoying computer programs from submitting the form.

Facebook Integration

A Facebook card was installed on the footer of Tatiana Esthetics website that displays her likes, like button and header. This is used to encourage visitors to engage with her website and ultimately book an appointment.