Project Description

Visit TAF Staffing Co. WordPress Website by Ryan Williams

After creating Forward Motion‘s website I was contacted by TAF Staffing to create a website for them. They realize I understood the business and what they were trying to accomplish so they entrusted me with delivering a tool they can use to sell and recruit.

Benefits of WordPress Website for a Staffing Agency

The main purpose of the website was to provide a platform for communication while acquiring new clients and for a candidate to find jobs.

Ideas to increase sales in staffing agencies

The main idea behind the website is to lead customers to the desired area of your website. To do that you must first define who those customers are and what their needs are. We accomplished this by carefully placing relevant content in the right areas of the site. At the end of the day, sales are what is important and simplifying that process.

WordPress Web Development for Staffing Agency

The technical details of the project consisted of:

Video editing for Staffing Agency

Background Videos were created using the primary color scheme of blue and white in Adobe After Effects.

Photo editing for Staffing Agency

Headers and background images were created using the primary color scheme of green and orange in Photoshop.

Editing Copy to follow HTML5 Document Outline Standards for Staffing Agency

Long paragraphs were chopped down to bite-size chunks for visitors to quickly understand. The body copy was also organized using HTML5 outline principals so search engines can easily understand what the website is about.

Color scheme for Staffing Agency

The color scheme was chosen based on a sampling of the colours in TAF Staffing Co. logo. This is the base of TAF Staffing branding and should be used in all communications.

Job Listing Setup for Staffing Agency

The client had already purposed a job listing software that needed to be embedded into the website and able to show on all mobile and desktop devices.

Google Maps Embedding for Staffing Agency

Google map of TAF Staffing multiple locations was embedded on her website and was customized to match the color scheme of the website.

Page Speed and Caching for Staffing Agency

All websites regardless of features and complexity require some level of optimization to give the fastest and best experience possible. This includes configuring WordPress, themes, plugins and website hosting for the best possible results.

Contact Form Setup for Staffing Agency

A custom designed contact form was placed on the website to capture new and potential customers. The contact form also includes a reCAPTCHA form to prevent annoying computer programs from submitting the form.

Blogging for Staffing Agency

A blog section was custom designed to promotes ideas, news and events. This keeps their candidates updated on all company events both optional and mandatory.