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SyncEffect Website

Sheilagh Croxon hired us to create a website for her company SyncEffect. She provides keynote speaking, training camps and workshops.

The Project Request

SyncEffect wanted a website that can take camp registration and payment, interactive information map, video and an event calendar.

The Project Solution

The solution was a combination WordPress development and multimedia programming using Adobe Animate to create the interactive map. We custom coded the registration form for the camps and virtual camps and creating an events section. And lastly, we included a blog to help her inspire her readers.

The Project Result

The result was a website that helped SyncEffect market their business and manage their online sales. Additionally, they were able to provide instant camp signup, event information and the kind of interactivity and storytelling that closes sales.

The Project Conclusion

Sheilagh gained more than a new website she gained a platform to help her communicate and manage her business online and in-person.

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