SmoothWebLife Project SyncEffect Virtual Camp Registration

SyncEffect Virtual Camp Registration

Sheilagh from SyncEffect conducts synchronize swimming camps and was collecting registrations and payments manually. Sheilagh wanted a more effective and streamlined way to manage her camps registrations and payments.

The Project Request

Convert existing registration form to a digital form that ta,es payment and saves the profile data.

The Project Solution

The solution was to create a custom form that is attached to a payment processor. The result were saved in the database to later viewing and tracking.

The Project Result

The result was a more streamlined event registration process. It was much easier to get new sign up from social media and emailing campaigns.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, SyncEffect now offers online registration form virtual and live camps at a click of a button.

Related Case Study

This project was created for Sheilagh Croxon to support her training and coaching business.

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