SyncEffect Video Email Marketing Project

SyncEffect Video Email Marketing

Sheilagh from SyncEffect wanted to reach out to their existing clients on a mass scale. They wanted to offer discounts to those that have bought before and notify of new offers and camps. Additionally, they wanted the ability to showcase video via email marketing.

The Project Request

The request was the ability to email multiple clients at the same time with SyncEffect branding. Then be able to share that email on social media. Another make request was to showcase video in email.

The Project Solution

The solution was to create an email template on an online service like Mailchimp. Extract her contacts from her personal sources (cell phone, notebook and excel sheets). And finally, training her on how to send or email to all her clients.

The Project Result

The result was giving Sheilagh the ability to reach all her clients personally with a single email. As well as the ability send video email and personalize and brand her emails.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, Sheilagh gained more control over her communication and income by using our Email Marketing services from SmoothWebLife Inc.

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This project was created for Sheilagh Croxon to support her training and coaching business.

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