SmoothWebLife Project SyncEffect Interactive Info Map

SyncEffect Interactive Info Map

We created an interactive map to give the user an engaging way to learn more about each location. Each location has a blue dot denoting it’s location. Once you hover over the dot it animates and reveal information that continues the “story”.

The Project Request

The request was to create an interactive map that showcases SyncEffects global accomplishments.

The Project Solution

The solution was to create a custom interactive multimedia application that can loaded on the web.

The Project Result

The result was a dynamic piece of content that was beautifully designed, interactive, engaging and works. The design drew the users eyes and gave them feedback and they found the info they were looking for.

The Project Conclusion

SyncEffect was looking for engagement, intrigue and wanted to separate themselves from the market by telling their story in a fun interactive way.

Related Case Study

This project was created for Sheilagh Croxon to support her training and coaching business.

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