SmoothWebLife Project Shiny Canada Website

Shiny Canada WordPress Web Development

Shiny Canada needed a new website to market to potential buyers. As well as providing product listing with contact information for distributors.

The Project Request

Shiny Canada wanted a product site with a distributor a list. They wanted something closer to an e-commerce site but without purchasing directly. Instead, they wanted a contact form or a distributors list.

The Project Solution

The solution was to create a product listing site on the WordPress platform and an interactive distributors search script. This allows buyers to gain insights into their desired products and be able to find a distributor close by.

The Project Result

The result was a sales tool that proved invaluable to Shiny Canada’s sales process. The website is easily updated, optimized and beautifully designed to engage and inform its visitors.

The Project Conclusion

At the end of the project Shiny Canada was happy with the website and service we provided. We developed a website that was useful and attractive.

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