Motion Graphics Commercials by SmoothWebLife Inc

Motion Graphic Design for Digital Signage and Television

Working with VenueVisionTV, we create well over 5000 Motion graphics videos. These videos were created for the purpose of advertising on a large digital signage television network.

The Project Request

The initial request from VenueVisionTV was to create motion ads using Adobe Flash. The second request was to streamline the process to allow more unique ads to be create in a short amount of time.

The Project Solution

The solution was to develop animation presets and develop templates to make the process of creating an ad faster.

The Project Result

As a result of refining our development process, we were able to improve design, development and approval process time.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, VenueVisionTV was able to increase production and turn around time significantly. Resulting in increase of sale and overall customer service.

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This project was created for VenueVisionTV.

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