SmoothWebLife Project Janet Omstead Lockdown Email Capture

Lockdown Email Capture

Janet wanted an area where she could trade emails for the first chapter of her book and other downloadable content to grow her list. We created a script that allowed her to block the page after a few seconds then request an email to continue.

The Project Request

The request was to offer some free downloads but restrict access until an email is provided. It was only for the download page. Once the email was provided the user was able to access the information for 30 days.

The Project Solution

The solution was to present a modal window after a few sections so people can see what was available. The modal window consisted of the book image, and a form requesting their email. The user was free to close it and continue browsing the site. Only the page and it’s content were restricted.

The Project Result

The result was a page that support the clients effort to grow their contact list.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, Janet was able to grow her list significantly by sharing her free downloads link on social media. Everyone that clicked on her post and wanted those freebies had to register with her contact list.

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This project is for health coach Janet Omstead who specializes in the health industry.

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