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We help GustoTV to create a fast, engaging, secure and informative website.

Over a series of meetings, we understand GustoTV needs and the project’s specifics to develop a site that matches their brand, values, and sales strategies. Next, we design and build your website with your approval at every stage.

Once the site has been completed, we optimize, implement SEO practicessecure, test and train you on how to use your new site.

Finally, we make your website live and provide you with ongoing technical support.

Below will give you a bit more detail on the GustoTV web design project.

The Project Request

GustoTV made a request to have us develop a new website using the WordPress platform to allow for blogging and easy updates.

The Project Solution

The solution for GustoTV was to create a website with custom updatable sections using WordPress as their backend. Along with Technical SEO, security, optimization and training.

The Project Result

The result was a beautifully designed website with search, events, products and multimedia content that can be updated with a few clicks.

The Project Conclusion

In the end, GustoTV was overjoyed with the website because we had hit the mark. It is exactly, the look, feel and functionality they were looking for.

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