Elysium Beauty Digital Signage by SmoothWebLife Inc

Elysium Beauty Digital Signage

The digital signage scheduling & events system was developed in response to the needs of facility managers to publish reservations and menu boards. This includes promotions, news, and facility events integrated on high-definition digital displays.

As a result, the facility manager and its operators have a communication tool and platform that is reliable and easy to use.

The Project Request

The Elysium Beauty Digital Signage requested an application that could display their rink schedule and changeroom assignment. They wanted to replace their whiteboard with a digital solution.

The Project Solution

SmoothWebLife created a multimedia schedule display app that can be managed online anywhere at any time.

The Project Result

The result was a digital design that was easily updated by staff. It was engaging and informative allowing visitors to find their way.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, the Elysium Beauty Digital Signage updated their rinks and displayed new features and events on their digital display.

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