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Custom Business Management Software project was created for SmoothWebLife Inc clients to communicate to their desired audience. Call 647-706-9612

The Project Request

Chadwick Publishing requested an application that could manage multiple areas of their business. They needed this application to be secure, accessible over the web and fast.

The Project Solution

SmoothWebLife Inc developed a custom business application for Julie Chadwick consisting of 2 main parts Contacts and Publications.

Contacts section of the app

This section manages all client and leads data. Sales associates would log in to add their sales contacts and any notes. The system also tracked their login for Julie to track if sales staff were adding contacts and making calls.


This section linked to the contact to know who the publication belonged to. The Publications section consists of client proofing, ad proofing, publication budget and a profit and loss chart. This allowed Julie to control her cost based on ads sold and publication pages

The Project Result

The result was a fully integrated online software application that managed areas such as sales, proofing and ROI tracking.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, Chadwick Publishing automated and gained granular control over her business using a custom web application software developed by SmoothWebLife Inc.

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