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Content Approval Application

In the early 2000’s VenueVisionTV a digital signage advertising company was proofing digital signage ads via mailed cd or DVD. This process could take up to 6 to 8 weeks between updates and approval.

The Project Request

We were contracted to develop an online proofing system that can be accessed securely at any time on any device. After the system was created, proofing went from almost 2 months to less than a day.

The Project Solution

We created an online solution where the designer uploads an ad for proofing, an email is sent to the client to proof the add, they commit changes and it’s sent back to VenueVisionTV, sales rep and designer. Once final changes are made the client would make the final approval. Upon approval the add would be automatically sent to product for display.

The Project Result

As a result the sales staff could focus on sales instead of mailing DVDs back and forth. This was an enormous increase in productivity that resulted in increased sales.

The Project Conclusion

In conclusion, VenueVisionTV streamlined their approval process, simplified it for all stakeholders and increased productivity. They were more than happy with the approval web application we developed for them.

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This project was created for VenueVisionTV.

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