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Contact List Recovery and Migration

Councillor Josh Matlow’s contacts were in an older system that needed to be converted to CSV and formatted for his online mailing service of choice. We were able to get all his contacts including some in his phone and in other areas like outlook that are sometimes hard to get to.

The Project Request

The request was to gather all available contacts from cell phone, contact in outlook, and a dated contact list management system to import into an online emailing solution.

The Project Solution

The solution was to use to use automated tools and some good old fashioned hard work and place all contacts in a single excel sheet for upload. The excel sheet has to be in a certain format the online mailing system can understand.

The Project Result

The result was having all available contact from multiple sources all in one place and always accessible. An individual email or a mass communication can be create and sent out in minutes rather than having to send the same email multiple times from multiple sources.

The Project Conclusion

Now they have a convenient and modern way to communicate to their constituents.

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