As of May 25, 2018, You must update your website to be GDPR Compliant. If you have a contact form or Google Analytics you must update your privacy policy to make your WordPress website GDPR Compliant and Cookie Consent. Call 647-706-9612 to get Started or email me .

*note I am not a lawyer or any kind of authority, I am a concerned citizen with skills as a WordPress web developer.

I am sure you have been receiving many emails regarding privacy policy update. As of May 25, 2018, the GDPR has come into full effect.

For details, please visit the official site:

Is WordPress GDPR compliant?

If you have a WordPress site it has been updated in the current version within the Settings section called “Privacy”. Please complete the form and place a link in your menu or in the footer. This does not guarantee protection (better than not using anything) please seek a lawyer or official advice. The importance increases if you have a contact form on your website that captures user data such plugins as Contact Form 7.

How to Generate a Free GDPR text for your website

To generate a free wp GDPR compliance text from a generator website like I have, visit:

How to Generate a Free Terms and Conditions text for your website

There is also one for Terms and Conditions

Follow the instructions on the website, then copy and paste the content into a page, place a link to the page in your menu or footer and then you’re done.

How to make your site GDPR Compliant if you have Google Analytics installed

If you have Google Analytics or anything that sets a cookie (information saved in your browser like login information) like WooCommerce then you require a WordPress GDPR cookie plugin. It will create a little popup that lets your visitors know that data is being saved to their browser aka their computer. Go to your plugins, add plugin and search for “WordPress GDPR cookie”.

How to get your website GDPR Compliant

If all this is confusing and you don’t know how to do all this I can do it for you for $150 + $100 WordPress GDPR Cookie Consent Plugin Setup (optional)

    Please DO NOT send me your username and password via email, I do not have an extra $30 mil… not yet anyway :)

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