VenueVisionTV is a digital signage company specializing in onscreen advertising

VenueVisionTV has been working with SmoothWebLife Inc to create commercials, websites and web applications for the VenueVisionTV subsidiary of VenueVision Media Systems.

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SmoothWebLife Case Study Introduction VenueVision

We create motion graphics commercials for digital signage and TV that sell your products and services


Creating engaging and attractive motion graphics commercials on time and on budget

In 2007 VenueVisionTV was looking for a professional motion graphic artist to create ads in Adobe Flash (Animate 2021). Flash animation was relatively new back then and not many professionals knew how to use the software. Due to the difficulty understanding Flash, the challenge was to find someone that can create great content, fast and cost-effective.


Developing new ways and strategies to create content for digital signage and television

Our training in Macromedia Flash now Adobe Animate was exactly what VenueVisionTV was looking for. We were able to create eye-catching commercials in the fraction of time it took their previous contractors. In addition, we were able to create develop design/animation templates that made creating a commercial faster and simpler while retaining a unique fresh look.


Ability to control cost and quality of ad development

VenueVisionTV found a resource to create content at a reasonable cost and time. This extended to creating internal + external websites and web applications for approval. Instead of continually sourcing multiple companies to take care of each area, by using us they were able to rely on one company to develop multimedia content. The ability to reuse assets with multiple mediums (web print and animation) made it easier to get projects done on time and on budget.

SmoothWebLife Case Study Conclusion Venue Vision


Content We Have Created to Support VenueVisionTV

Content Approval Application


Motion Graphic Design for Digital Signage and Television


VenueVisionTV Testimony

VenueVision Working With SmoothWebLife

Creating professional content since the 90's

We have worked with Ryan for many years and in that time he has produced impeccable designs in print, web design and animation. He is always willing to handle any project and is able to complete projects on time and within budget. We will be working with Ryan in the future.


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