The Town of East Gwillimbury's Request for a digital schedule

East Gwillimbury facility managers were struggling with managing and communicating ice pad reservations, dressing room assignments, and news updates to their visitors. Traditional methods of publishing schedules and updates on paper or whiteboards were not only inefficient but also ineffective in keeping up with the constantly changing events. They needed a modern solution that would provide a reliable and easy-to-use platform to communicate with their visitors.

To address this challenge, a digital signage scheduling and events system was developed. The new system would integrate high-definition digital displays to present updated information on the facility’s activities. This new technology would not only solve the communication challenge faced by the facility managers but would also offer visitors an enhanced experience through visual displays. Visitors could access information about upcoming events, schedules, and news updates in real-time, ensuring that they were always up-to-date.

With the implementation of this system, East Gwillimbury facility managers and operators now have a reliable communication tool to manage their ice pad reservations and other facility updates. Visitors, on the other hand, have a better experience and can access real-time information about the facility’s activities, creating a more engaging and interactive experience.

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Providing town information, scheduling and news


Replacing the old fashion whiteboard schedule with a digital one (2010)

The challenge for this project was to find a digital solution that can address the issues encountered with using a traditional whiteboard for scheduling. The Town of East Gwillimbury recognized the limitations of a whiteboard, such as limited space, poor readability, and inability to display news and updates. They were looking for a reliable and easy-to-use system that can manage the rink schedule, room assignments, and display town and facility events. Moreover, they wanted a system that can be replicated in their community centers, but without the rink schedule. The most important factor was to have a centralized system that can be accessed at any time, from any location. The challenge was to find a solution that can meet all of these requirements and integrate seamlessly with their existing infrastructure.


A Digital Screen that not only works great but looks awesome

We approached the challenge of East Gwillimbury’s digital signage scheduling & events system with a clear strategy. To cater to their need of displaying changeroom and booking for each rink, we first identified the key requirements. We then came up with a solution that would help them achieve their goals and bring ease to their staff and facility managers.

Our team of developers created a user-friendly interface that grouped the bookings and color-coded them for each rink. This made it easy for the staff and visitors to view the schedule at a glance. In addition, our team created a section for rink news, updates, and events, which was previously difficult to display on a whiteboard.

We also designed a system that could be managed in one place, accessible to all staff members responsible for updating different sections of the display. This allowed for efficient updates and reduced the chances of errors and omissions.

Overall, our solution enabled East Gwillimbury to have a reliable, easy-to-use communication platform that displayed their bookings, schedule, and news. The digital signage system solved the problem of space limitations, handwriting issues, and difficulties in displaying rink updates and news. The solution also helped to save time, improve communication, and streamline the operations of the facility.


Set it and forget it digital signage service

After 10 years of using our digital signage solution for their scheduling and events system, the Town of East Gwillimbury continues to rely on us for their software needs. Our commitment to providing them with a customizable and scalable solution has allowed us to build a long-lasting partnership with them. By incorporating their feedback, we have been able to continuously improve the system and meet their evolving needs.

Our solution has provided the facility managers and operators with a reliable and easy-to-use communication tool and platform that has significantly improved the overall scheduling and booking process. With the ability to manage everything in one place, staff members are able to update the system with ease, ensuring that the information displayed is always accurate and up-to-date.

East Gwillimbury now has a trusted partner in software development and application design. Our solution has not only met but exceeded their expectations, providing them with a system that can be customized to fit their growing needs and goals. They can rely on us to create rich and effective applications that work seamlessly and look great.

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Ryan has been great to work with; from initial ideas to finished product, the process has been stress-free and enjoyable. Ryan brings a great wealth of knowledge and creativity to the table and is always willing to listen and make changes to better suit our needs. Ryan helped us develop a dressing room allocation program for our arena as well as digital advertising TVs for some of our Community Centres.


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