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Radonic Plus Marketing, a digital marketing company specializing in the travel and tourism industry. Their desire was to acquire the services of a WordPress development company located in Toronto to develop complex custom WordPress websites. They were looking for a knowledgeable and reliable company that can complete their projects on time and on budget.

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Our reliability and dependability allows you to focus on the key parts of your business


Finding a local web development company you can trust and able to do the work

Radonic+ Marketing’s overflow of client requests required outsourcing to keep up with their demand. The need to expand was a necessity and they needed to bring on a local Toronto team they can trust and believe can handle complex web application development and general web design projects that were heavy on data. This company had to have a great track record for customer service and delivering what was promised on time and on budget.


A clear understanding and strategic plan for the client's project

With over 20 years of experience and an eclectic list of web design projects, we patiently and clearly determine the “deliverables” through a series of meetings or one. Then take the time to understand, verify and come up with a plan to achieve your clients’ goals. We know a lot about the web, which gives us a fast track to understanding how to fulfill your needs through great programming and design.


The security of knowing your work will be completed by a reliable company allowing you to focus on sales

After our initial project with Radonic Plus Marketing, they learned of our integrity, skills, and ability to code against potential issues and problems. Our attention to detail, planning, and execution of project plan and design allowed them to relax with the security that their work is being done. They have someone who is local and responds in a timely fashion and can handle multiple types of projects including design and animation. The security that comes from working with us allows Radonic to focus on what really matters; sales.

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Radonic Plus Marketing Testimony

Edward Radonic of Radonic Plus Marketing | Website Design Toronto | WordPress Web Development, Design and Technical Support by SmoothWebLife Inc

Reliability is everything

After 30 years in marketing and web development, I have finally found an awesome web developer you can count on. A true craftsman, that meets deadlines, budgets, and quality work you can count on!


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