Author and Health Coach Janet Omstead helps women 50+ get healthy through PLAY

Janet Omstead is an experienced online health coach and author who specializes in helping women over 50 lead a healthy and active lifestyle through PLAY. As her business continued to grow and with a new book in the works, she needed a new website that could showcase her services, highlight her book, and provide valuable resources to her clients. Janet was on the lookout for a reputable web development company that could help her bring her vision to life while also meeting her budget and timeline requirements. She needed a partner who could provide her with personalized attention, technical expertise, and a seamless project management process.

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Creating a website that is linked to all my other business resources

To address Janet’s business needs, we developed a custom WordPress website with a focus on simplicity, user experience, and online marketing. We created an e-commerce platform where her customers could purchase her book directly from her website. We also integrated her website with other services she used, including her appointment scheduling software, email marketing platform, and social media channels.

To ensure that Janet could manage her website easily, we provided comprehensive training and technical support. We also created a blog section where she could regularly publish content related to her book, providing valuable information to her audience and boosting her online presence.

The website’s design focused on the 50+ women audience, incorporating playful and vibrant elements while remaining professional. With the website’s development, Janet can now reach her audience across multiple platforms, provide them with valuable content and easy access to her services. Overall, Janet has a reliable and functional website that is helping her business expand, all within her budget and timeline.


Build a Custom WordPress website that can be linked to any service

In addition to building Janet’s website on WordPress, we also implemented various design and technical features to improve the user experience and support her business needs. We integrated her email marketing and social media accounts, making it easier for her to promote her book and coaching services across multiple platforms.

To capture leads and schedule meetings with potential clients, we added a contact form and a scheduling tool directly on her website. This allows visitors to easily reach out to her and schedule appointments without leaving her site.

We also provided Janet with technical support and training to ensure that she felt confident managing her website and the various tools we integrated. This includes regular updates to the website software and plugins, as well as ongoing technical support for any issues that may arise.

Overall, we created a website that reflects Janet’s brand and values, while also providing the functionality and support she needs to expand her business and reach a wider audience.


More time and a peace of mind knowing that you have a website that works and someone dependable in your corner

In addition to building Janet’s new website on WordPress, we also linked her external services such as her online scheduling tool, payment processor and email marketing service to her website. This streamlined her business processes and allowed for a more efficient customer journey. With all her services integrated into her website, Janet now has a centralized platform to launch and run her business.

Furthermore, as part of our ongoing maintenance and support services, we ensure that her website and external services are up-to-date and functioning properly. Our technical support team is always available to address any issues and provide training and guidance to Janet as needed. With SmoothWebLife taking care of her technical needs, Janet can focus on growing her business and serving her clients.

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