Elite Concrete is a Toronto Area concrete contractor with 20+ years of experience

Elite Concrete provides innovative and timeless hardscape construction solutions tailored to your residential or commercial space. They were looking for a company to help keep the website up to date, secure and take care of any technical requirements that might come up.

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SmoothWebLife Case Study Introduction Elite Concrete

Strong technical support is integral to any well functioning business


Finding a webmaster that is knowledgeable and reliable

Elite Concrete are landscaping experts not web developers and they decided their time would be better spent if they had someone reliable to do updates. They have a beautiful website and great content and they wanted to maintain that while they focus on the key areas of their business. Serving their customers.


Monthly plans to make sure your website is well-maintained, optimized and secure

We help to keep Elite Concrete fast and free of errors. Websites that give the customers the ability to update the content themselves are built on a CMS such as WordPress needs the software to be updated, as well. Along with updates, a website needs to be optimized for speed and SEO periodically to stay current and in the search results. We offered a monthly and as-needed service to maintain their website to ensure that they have a website that is up to date and working.


Peace of mind knowing that your website is taken care of so you can focus on the core needs of your business

Having secured a plan with SmoothWebLife, Elite Concrete enjoys the benefits of knowing that someone is there to look out for all your website needs. Keep it updated, secure and fast. The time it takes to get the website updated is easy because we (SmoothWebLife Inc) is doing it for them at a manageable cost.

SmoothWebLife Case Study Conclusion Elite Concrete

Elite Concrete PROJECTS

Content We Have Created to Support Elite Concrete

Website Backup and Migration to New Hosting for Elite Concrete


Website Optimization for Elite Concrete Project by SmoothWebLife


Elite Concrete Testimony

Dependable Web Development service that you can count on

Ryan has been looking after our website for the past couple of years and has been doing an excellent job. He has fixed several problems overlooked by the individual who actually built our website a few years ago. Ryan is very knowledgeable, patient and responsive. He performs changes and updates quickly and offers great advice. I highly recommend him.


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