Elite Concrete is a Toronto Area concrete contractor with 20+ years of experience

Elite Concrete’s website was in need of regular updates, both in terms of content and technical maintenance. Their team was spending too much time trying to handle website updates and dealing with issues that were outside of their expertise. This was taking valuable time away from their core business operations, and they needed a more efficient solution.

In addition, the website’s security was a major concern. With the increasing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches, Elite Concrete needed to ensure that their website was secure and protected against any potential threats. They were also looking to improve the website’s overall performance, including faster loading times and better user experience.

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Strong technical support is integral to any well functioning business


Finding a webmaster that is knowledgeable and reliable

Elite Concrete is a landscaping company that provides innovative and timeless hardscape construction solutions to both residential and commercial spaces. While they had a beautiful website with great content, they were facing a challenge in managing their website effectively. Elite Concrete’s team was made up of landscaping experts, not web developers, and they found it difficult to keep up with the regular updates, security, and technical requirements of their website. They wanted a reliable partner who could take care of their website needs while they focused on serving their customers and growing their business.

With this challenge in mind, they reached out to us for a solution that would help them maintain their website’s quality while taking the burden of updates and maintenance off their shoulders.


Monthly plans to make sure your website is well-maintained, optimized and secure

We understood that Elite Concrete needed a reliable partner to handle their website updates, security, and technical requirements so that they could focus on serving their customers and growing their business. Our team of web development experts took over the responsibility of managing their website, including regular content updates, technical maintenance, and website security.

We first started with a thorough website audit to identify any issues that needed to be addressed. This included a review of the website’s structure, content, speed, and overall performance. We then proposed a comprehensive solution that included regular website updates, content optimization, and technical maintenance.

To ensure the website’s security, we implemented several measures, including regular software updates, malware scans, and firewall protection. We also provided ongoing monitoring and reporting to ensure that any potential security threats were quickly detected and addressed.

To improve the website’s overall performance and user experience, we optimized the website’s speed, responsiveness, and mobile-friendliness. We also conducted a review of the website’s content and made recommendations for improvement to ensure that the website was optimized for search engine rankings.

Our team provided ongoing support to Elite Concrete’s team, including training on how to manage the website effectively and resolve any technical issues that may arise. We also implemented regular website backups to ensure that the website could be quickly restored in the event of any issues.


Peace of mind knowing that your website is taken care of so you can focus on the core needs of your business

Our website technical support solution enabled Elite Concrete to focus on their core business operations while we took care of their website needs. By entrusting their website to our team of experts, Elite Concrete was able to achieve peace of mind and save valuable time and resources.

Our comprehensive website audit and solution allowed us to address any issues and optimize the website’s performance, security, and user experience. By providing ongoing support and training, we were able to empower Elite Concrete’s team to manage the website effectively and resolve any technical issues that may arise.

In conclusion, our website technical support solution was able to meet Elite Concrete’s needs and provide them with the support they needed to achieve their business goals. We are proud to have been able to partner with them and help them succeed in their industry.

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Dependable Web Development service that you can count on

Ryan has been looking after our website for the past couple of years and has been doing an excellent job. He has fixed several problems overlooked by the individual who actually built our website a few years ago. Ryan is very knowledgeable, patient and responsive. He performs changes and updates quickly and offers great advice. I highly recommend him.


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