Councillor Josh Matlow, a Toronto Councillor serving the greater Toronto area

Josh Matlow is a Councillor that has been serving the city of Toronto for many years. Josh was looking for a web developer to do some technical work on his website and to import contacts into Mailchimp. He was so satisfied with our technical support service that he request a new website developed.

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SmoothWebLife Case Study Introduction Councillor Josh Matlow

Simplifying a large website with lots of content by breaking it down into digestible logical pieces


Creating a new website while reusing existing content of a large site

Councillor Josh Matlow challenge was twofold: he was working with a dated system for their bulk mailing system and wanted to use an online service. The challenge was getting the contacts from the dated system into a service like Mailchimp. The second half was migrating a fairly large website without losing data and redesigning it with a new look, functionality and organization.


Migrating website to a platform that is easy to use and maintain

Our solution for Councillor Matlow was a migration to WordPress to allow the site to be easily updated, secured and optimized. We designed a site that matches his branding and organized his website content into digestible pieces.

His contacts in the older system were converted to CSV and formatted for his online mailing service of choice. We were able to get all his contacts including some in his phone and in other areas like outlook that are sometimes hard to get to.


Website that is easily managed and updated

In the end, he was able to recover and find all his contact and use an updated mailing service to reach his constituents. With a new mailing service, website and professional training, we were able to make it easier for Councillor Josh Matlow to manage his website and communicate with his public and staff.

SmoothWebLife Case Study Conclusion Councillor Josh Matlow

Councillor Josh Matlow PROJECTS

Content We Have Created to Support Councillor Josh Matlow

Councillor Josh Matlow WordPress Website


Contact List Recovery and Migration


Website Migration Project from Joomla to WordPress


Councillor Josh Matlow Testimony

Councillor Josh Matlow City of Toronto

Websites and Tech Support by SmoothWebLife Inc

My office worked with SmoothWebLife for several months to develop a website for my constituents that was well organized, visually appealing and most importantly, easy to navigate. Accompanied with Ryan’s passion for web design, his professionalism, experience and expertise certainly made the process simple and enjoyable. While Ryan was developing my site, he frequently checked-in with my team and I on the status of the site, any changes he recommended and roadblocks he came across. The support that he offered throughout the entire process was reassuring and made my team and I feel at ease. I would highly recommend SmoothWebLife and thank you Ryan for all your work!

Councillor Josh Matlow, City of Toronto


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